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I am honored to be your District 20 Supervisor on the Brown County Board.  Thank you for all your support.

County Committee Assignments:
  • Planning, Development, and Transportation
  • Land Conservation
My Volunteer Community Involvement:
  • 14 Years - Morrison Volunteer Fire Department - Firefighter / Driver / Pump Operator / Retirement Fund Administrator
  • 5 Years - County Rescue - Former Volunteer National Register Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B / First Responder)
  • 7 Years - Town of Holland - Wind Turbine Committee (member then appointed Chairperson by the Holland Town Board)
  • 1 Year - Town of Holland - Landfill Monitoring Committee (appointed by the Holland Town Board)
  • Enjoyed doing fire safety presentations at Wrightstown Elementary for a number of years
  • Purdue University - Bachelor of Science
  • Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) - Associates Degree
  • Former Adjunct Professor at NWTC
I am a strong proponent of Health and Safety and dedicated to making District 20 a safe place for families to live and a great place to work, farm, have fun, and retire.  We are fortunate to have a beautiful landscape and a very unique environment here in southern Brown County - from the Ledge to the East River to the Fox River - from Denmark's Devil's River Trail to the Fox River Trail. 

We have dedicated small business owners, thriving schools, and wonderful recreational facilities and programs. The residents of District 20 are hardworking and regularly show their commitment to this community through service in our schools, churches, emergency services, government boards and at charitable fund raising events. I share your dedication and I am committed to continue the diligent work of previous generations to ensure our community is sustainable and thriving. 

We have a lot to be thankful for and I pledge to be a vocal voice for all of District 20.  I am a committed advocate for what is right, a responsible landowner, and have family in our great local schools.  I respect all the work that came before me to make this community great and I am keenly aware of the challenges our young residents face.  I welcome the opportunity to hear from you.  I live in the center of the district on the border of Holland and Morrison and my phone number and email address are listed on the "Contact Me" page.   

The issues we now face will shape southern Brown County for generations.  Brown County needs to hear from us through our County Supervisor - I want to hear from you. 

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Please click the button above to visit and then 'Like' our Facebook page.  I update that regularly with community information, events I will be attending, and voter resources.  Please email this website (   ) to your friends, neighbors, and family.   THANK YOU.

Donate Time:
The most valuable donation would be that of time - being involved in local issues and sharing your thoughts with me and others.  I donate my time for many causes and will try to do whatever I can for your charity or cause.  

I am humbled by the support of our community leaders, business owners, and friends.  Below is a short list of people who endorse me and a sampling of quotes from those that know me best. 

Mark Berndt - District 20 Supervisor Candidate - Wrightstown resident
"I'd like to congratulate Steve on a well earned victory. We had a chance to discuss the issues of the district and we shared many common solutions after the Village of Wrightstown meeting. I found Steve to be a good listener and open to other's  opinions.  I am happy to endorse Steve Deslauriers for Brown County Supervisor."

Rita Koltz - Owner of Rock K Ranch and lifelong community advocate

Jay J. Tibbetts, M.D.  - Green Bay/Brown County Board of Health
- 42 years of public service

André Jacque - Wisconsin State Representative
"I am very happy to endorse Steve Deslauriers. Steve has proven himself as a man of principle with great dedication to the community. I know he will represent our area well on the Brown County Board."

Sergeant Fred Heitl - Retired, Brown County Sheriff's Office
- 27 years protecting our county
"Steve has been, and continues to be, involved first hand in the issues facing southern Brown County. His knowledge, dedication and commitment is evident and he will continue the tradition of excellence that Supervisor Clancy has done representing Southern Brown County"

Mike Geiger - Town of Holland Board Supervisor
"In addition to his community service as a Volunteer Firefighter, Steve volunteers a lot of time for the Town of Holland on issues that affect all of District 20 - most recently as Secretary of the Landfill Monitoring Committee.  A man of principle and compassion - he has my support to continue the work of Bill Clancy"

Joel Nies and Marilyn Nies - Owners of Joel's Antiques and Reclaimed Decor
"Supervisor Bill Clancy's shoes will be difficult to fill, but Steve is ready.  In our opinion, Steve has what is sorrily lacking in politics today - ethics, values, morals and above all common sense.  His integrity, leadership, and volunteer work demonstrate his commitment to this entire District - from Wrightstown to rural Brown County to Denmark.  He is already deeply involved in the community's most pressing issues and has our full support and vote."

Carl Johnson (retired Kaukauna High School Teacher) and Sandy Johnson (retired Green Bay School Teacher)
"We have always known Steve to possess a deep concern for protecting and maintaining the quality of rural life for the people of southern Brown County.  In his involvement with local issues, he carefully weighs both sides of the discussion and formulates his stance based on a combination of diligently researched facts and common sense.  Steve’s aware, knowledgeable, and caring personality makes him an excellent choice for Brown County Supervisor."

Dave Hettman

"Steve Deslauriers has everything that is desirable in a dedicated public servant, he is hardworking, knowledgeable, and a relentless advocate for those without voice.  It’s time to move Steve to the County Board where he can solve problems."

Dan Schibler and Ann Shibler
"Steve is an excellent choice as supervisor for the citizens of rural southern Brown County.  He has already demonstrated his knowledge of many issues, and commitment to resolving these issues in a fair and just way for all.  We believe him to be a man of integrity, great honesty, a man committed to the highest values and principles concerning property rights, and a dedicated leader.  Southern Brown County working folks need Steve to be their voice in the county political process."

Jon Morehouse and Lori Morehouse - Owners of X-Treme Building Technologies
"Steve Deslauriers is a dedicated, intelligent, trustworthy, and  hard working individual. He cares deeply about his community, and would be a valuable asset as a county supervisor."

Jerry Wall - Town of Holland Board Chairperson - and Donna Wall

Tom Vande Wettering - Town of Holland Board Supervisor

Bill Lasee - Morrison Fire Department Chief

Ben Rosenbaum - Wayside Fire Department Chief

John Vervoort - Hollandtown Fire Department Chief

Tami Aerts - Retired, County Rescue Paramedic - 30 years serving our community


I want to hear from you.  What issues are important to you?  How can I help you advocate for your cause?  You are welcome to fill out the form below, email me directly at     or simply call me any time at 920-770-3501.  Thank you for taking the time to write.  I will respond all messages as efficiently as possible. Have a wonderful day.  Steve
Paid for by the generous support of 'Community for Steve Deslauriers'